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The Royal Cocoa are proudly made in Portugal, the main cocoa producer till 1913

Royal Cocoa are proudly made in Portugal, Montemor-o-Novo. Back in time, during the Middle Age the Portuguese Royal Court was itinerant and usually stayed long periods at Montemor-o-Novo Castle (photo). In 1496 the great navigator Vasco da Gama received, here, the King´s instructions to begin what was the amazing journey towards discovering the maritime way to India. In 1646 Portugal began to plant new cocoa trees above Salvador da Bahia (photo), Brasil, and was the country who first planted cocoa trees in Africa, namely in S. Tomé e Príncipe, which led to the development of the cocoa process that goes from the terraced cocoa trays (photo) to the drying machines (photo).  In 1913 S. Tomé production achieved 36000 tons of cocoa, more than 30% of worldwide total production. The portrait painted in 1720 with King D. João V drinking chocolate (photo) illustrates the importance this culture maintained throughout the centuries. Royal Cocoa chocolatier & palace factory operates in a palace built in 1895 immersed in a country with pure cocoa tradition.


Royal Cocoa chocolatier&palace is fully committed with Fair Trade and Sustainability, privileging small local farmers whom provide quality organic products or suppliers that maintain foundations with specific and controlled programs to develop a sustainable future to farmers and communities. Both guarantee the worldwide best cocoa selection and ingredients quality.

The ingredients used to manufacture the handmade fillings are Natural and Genuine, the organic mandarine and lemon are from the Palace gardens, the organic almonds supplier is from Ferreira do Alentejo and the other small local farmers are using seeds and processes that guarantees the ultimate products quality and origin.



Royal Cocoa chocolatier & palace has the First Chocolate Factory worldwide operating from a Palace or hotel providing an Unique Cocoa Experience.

The Fashionable and elegant packaging evolves each unique Royal Cocoa handmade decorated. New collections arrive each season launching new fashion trends to the chocolate world.

Royal Cocoa chocolatier & palace combines the modernity and ancestral tradition, the Palace and the high tech factory, Fashion and Fair Trade, natural handmade fillings in the high tech plant, combining the best of the old and new to create an Unique Gift to enjoy with genuine pleasure.

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Art, Chocolate and exquisite Organic fillings may exist together has a perfect combination.

Afonso Gouveia e Gama

We strongly believe in our effort to achieve worldwide top quality chocolates promoting Fair Trade and Sustainability.

Moisés Gama